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2018-02-22, 09:54

What do you listen to during mornings, or commute?

This might be a little off topic, but I was wondering what everyone else likes to listen to when they are getting ready in the morning, or when they are commuting. 

For me, it definitely depends on where and when. 

In the mornings at home, I listen to my favourite daily news podcasts, or language podcasts/youtube videos. 

I often listen to music on Spotify while I study. 

I have a membership for Audible Uk. But I don't really like listening to audiobooks. I am just not a fan, I think it is difficult to pay attention and often I don't like the reader's voice. 

What about you guys? Let me know which podcasts you like, what news station, and more! 

If you listen to more then one, share with us below in the comments! 


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