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2019-05-10, 18:48

Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez

Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America, written by Juan Gonzalez, a journalist from Democracy Now, is an enlightening nonfiction book about the origins of Latino migration and colonization. 

I just started reading this book as I plan to use it as a part of a paper I am writing for the grad course I taking called Migration and Economic Structures. I plan to write about the history of U.S. economic and military invention in Central America in relation to the contemporary Northern Triangle migration crisis. 

I became interested in this topic because I started reading more about Trump’s no tolerance and family separation policies, which have torn families apart - many of whom will never get reunited, left children to die and more. A lot of the problem is the categorization of these migrants. They are fleeing from gang violence, sexual violence, poverty, etc, but they aren’t being categorized as refugees. So why is that? 

They are running away from their countries - something no one wants to do but they are trying to survive, yet the US fails to provide many of these refugees with asylum, even though it is international law. 

So why are the countries - Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala - in the Northern Triangle so politically and economically fragile and plagued with violence? I aim to find this out, but from what I have heard, the foreign policy and trade policy of the U.S. plays a deep structural role which has contributed to the region’s instability.  

I find this contradiction interesting as the U.S. had a large part in creating in this crisis and yet refuses to Help the victims. President Trump and much of right winged media even construct the refugees as violent, drug trafficking men, which is not the case at all, most of these refugees are in fact women and children - many of the children come unaccompanied by their parents. 

This book is available on audiobook and there is a documentary of the book as well!

2019-05-10, 20:50

What an interesting topic, best of luck with your assignment I'm sure it will be a great read!

All the best, Leia

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2019-05-11, 11:32

Thanks! I really need to focus and start writing it because I have a rough draft due on the 22nd of May and the final is due on June 5th. 🙂 but my dad is here on a visit until the 20th and things always get a little more chaotic when family is around haha. He dropped his cell in the toilet in a hotel a few days ago so he’s been needing Help with all of his different accounts and stuff. It’s been a mess

2019-05-13, 16:53

#2 oh no what a nightmare! My advice would be to do little and often so you can still enjoy time with family!

All the best, Leia

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2019-05-13, 17:04

#3 thanks for the advice, I got my old iPad working for him so things seem to have settled down for now. I am almost finished reading this book. It’s a very good read and easy as well - unlike some historical books.

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