What's the last book you finished reading?

2018-01-19 14:23 #0 by: Evelina

This is a thread for everyone to discuss what they have finished reading recently. 

Feel free to just mention the book, or even, tell us what you think about it. Glad

2018-01-19 14:44 #1 by: Evelina

The last book that I finished reading was California by Edan Lepucki. I was a really interesting post-apocalyptic dystopian novel about a couple who flee to LA to live in the wilderness. 

2018-01-21 11:56 #2 by: Emo

The last (more than 20) books I read were books written for young people when I was young and before I was born. Very interesting to remember life like it was those days.
Because I read about 200 books a year, I read a lot of different kinds of books. Sometimes I start reading a sequence in Swedish and then the next isn't translated yet, so I read some in English.
Sometimes the book I want isn't avilable in Swedish but in English or German, so I read them in original language. Danish and Norwegian books are those I read to not forget those languages even if I have to confess that the norwegian books have to be thin.

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2018-01-21 13:48 #3 by: Evelina

That is really nice. I like reading books in their original language. I am starting to look for Russian and Hungarian books for children since I'm on that reading level. I also read books in Swedish. The last book I finished in Swedish was the Kejsarn av Portugallien by Selma Lagerlöf. I really enjoyed it actually. It was depressing but interesting. 

2018-01-21 21:58 #4 by: Tammie

Reclaiming Your Core by Luke Laffin.

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2018-01-22 09:25 #5 by: Niklas

I so seldom finish books that I don’t remember which was the latest one. :-)

2018-01-23 10:21 #6 by: Leia

I last read 'The Agrarian History of Sweden: From 4000 BC to AD 2000'.

I personally wouldn't recommend it, I had to read fit or uni and I didn't enjoy it all. I find I don't have much time to read my own books nowadays Sad

All the best, Leia

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